Macrame friendship bracelets

Macrame friendship bracelets

Personalised macrame friendship bracelets are a great gift for friends and family.

Macrame friendship braceletYou will need

  • clipboard
  • 3 metres of beading cord for each bracelet
  • a variety of charms to decorate
  • scissors
  • needlepoint needle for finishing (has a round ballpoint end)
  • needle-nose jewellery pliers (optional)

To make

  1. Cut 1 piece of cord about 70cm in length. Find the centre point of the length of cord, fold it in half, and then form a loop over one side of your charm. Secure the charm under the clip of the clipboard. These will be the two inside cords that you will work the knots around.
  2. Cut one piece of cord about 1m long. This will become the knotting cords. Find the centre point of the knotting cord and slip under the filler cords. Begin working square knots as described in step 3 (and as seen in the diagram) with the knotting cords over the filler cords.
  3. Start with the cord to the right side of the filler cords. Lay it over the filler cords horizontally forming a loop on right. Take left cord and place over horizontal cord, then underneath all cords and up through loop on right. Pull both knotting cords out and tight. That’s ½ of the square knot.
  4. Repeat step 3, but take the left cord and lay over the filler cords horizontally forming a loop on left. Take right cord and place over horizontal cord, then underneath all cords and up through loop on left. Pull both knotting cords out and tight. You have made one complete
    square knot.
  5. Continue making square knots until the work measures roughly 6cm. The number of knots doesn’t make a difference as this will vary according to the thickness of the cord. Repeat steps 1 to 4, this time looping over the other end of the charm.
  6. When you have finished, thread one knotting cord onto your needle and sew up the centre of the knots as far as you can. If you have trouble, use a pair of jewellery pliers to pull your needle through. After neatly sewing up both knotting cords, trim off the excess.
  7. To make the sliding clasp first shape your bracelet into a rough circle and clip the four strands together with pegs.
  8. Next, cut a length of cord about 25cm long. Then, as you did in step 1, slip this cord under all four cords (the ends of the bracelet) and work square knots over all four cords for about 1.5cm. Finish ends off as you did with the bracelet (sewing the ends back up into the row of knots). While sewing these ends in, avoid putting needle through the cords that are encased in the clasp as this section needs to be able to slide along the inner cords.
  9. There are 2 loose cords coming out of each end of the clasp section. Depending on the size of the bracelet you may have long tails left of the excess ínside cords. Tie each of the pairs of cord in a neat knot to keep them even. Trim off the excess.

Notes For the pink bracelet use diagram 2, which shows the half hitch knot. The rest of the instructions remain the same. For the green and blue bracelets you will also use the square knot. With the green bracelet you will knot from one side only; this is what makes the work form a spiral.

Download the macrame diagrams for the square and half stitch knot.  DOWNLOAD PDF

Magazine issue date: December, 2015