Mega beach towel

Mega beach towel

A mega beach towel is a clever way to recycle your old towels – plus, you’ll always have a sand-free, dry spot to sit!

Mega-beach-towelYou will need

  • 6 old beach towels of similar size
  • matching cotton
  • safety pins

To make

  1. Pin your towels together in the desired layout, either in a single row, or in a square.
  2. Select a wide zigzag stitch on your sewing machine, and holding the towel edges side by side (not overlapping, or this will make it difficult to sew through), sew so that both edges are caught in each stitch. Sew all rows and snip off any loose threads.

TIP: Leave a 5cm slit in your desired position to fit an umbrella pole

Magazine issue date: Jan, 2014

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