Mock suede pintuck clutch

Mock suede pintuck clutch

Make a statement with an eye-catching mock suede pintuck clutch bag for a special occasion.

Mock suede pintuck clutch

You will need

  • 60cm x 60cm fabric of your choice
  • 60cm x 60cm matching lining
  • magic tape or some bobby pins
  • 50cm x 50cm stiff interfacing
  • matching thread
  • magnetic button
  • string of matching pearls or beads of your choice
  • Pattern (see download buttons below)

To make

  1. Print out pattern and tile pieces together. Download PDF
  2. Before cutting out your main fabric, sew pin tucks on the outside of fabric across the width of the bag. We used a ruler’s width to measure and mark a line in chalk at regular intervals, which we then folded over (wrong sides together) and sewed 2mm into the fold, creating our pin tucks.
    Your fabric length must be at least 10cm longer than the pattern length to begin, as some of the length is taken up once all the pin tucks are sewn in.
  3. Tape fabric to pattern pieces and cut out main fabric, lining and interfacing as marked. Cut interfacing as marked. Iron interfacing to wrong side of fabric for bag. Press a 1cm hem on lining pieces, and tack into position. Magic tape the lining to the inside of the suede and tack all around bag edges, leaving the top of the flap open for the positioning of the magnetic button.
  4. For the gussets, cut two as directed on pattern and fold in half, right sides together, to fit the depth of the bag. Stitch. Turn right side out, press, and pin in place on bag.
  5. Fix the magnetic button. In the position marked on front of the bag, make two small slits in the final position for the button prongs to fit into, only through the leather, not the lining. Place the female button end, pushing the prongs through the slits. Place the washer on the other side of the leather (in between fabric and lining) and fold the prongs outward, so they lie flat and hold the washer in place. Double-check the positioning and do the same on the bag flap, placing the male end of the magnetic button to go through the lining (but not the fabric). Reinforce the lining at this site with a small square of interfacing, so the lining doesn’t rip over time. Fold the prongs around the washer, making sure to fold them flat.
  6. Make sure lining is neatly aligned along the edge of the whole inner side of the bag and sew around the whole perimeter of the bag.
  7. Hand-sew the gusset into place. Use a thimble to protect your fingers and keep your hand stitches in the previous machine stitching line so they aren’t noticeable.
  8. To apply the string of beads, fasten a thread on the wrong side of the fabric. Hold the beads in position (keeping them on the original string will help with this), and bring needle up to the right side, then whip stitch between each bead. When complete, finish on the wrong side.



Magazine issue date: August, 2014