Nautical style backpack

Nautical style backpack

This nautical style backpack is a timeless accessory inspired by the sea and it’s beautiful to make.

Nautical-style-bagpackYou will need

  • 1.5m x 150cm wide, striped or patterned canvas (or 1m x 150cm wide plain fabric)
  • 1m bias binding or leather trim
  • 3 x magnetic buttons
  • 1.5m cord
  • 7 x large rivets + rivet tool
  • 3 decorative buttons
  • plastic base from a reusable shopper

NOTE All seams 1cm

To make

  1. Download the template.  DOWNLOAD PDF
  2. Cut out the templates and lay on fabric.
  3. For the main body of the bag, cut 2 x rectangles measuring 96cm x 40cm (one is for lining). Mark in 6cm from each edge of the long side for the positioning of the straps. (The straps will fit between the 6cm and 9cm mark.) The pockets will each be 2.5cm from the centre on each side.
  4. Cut out all pieces from the fabric as indicated on the pattern.
  5. Pockets Fold top edge over at 1cm, press and stitch. Attach the base of the magnetic clip where indicated by the X. Concertina pocket sides along dotted lines and press as indicated on the pattern pieces. Pin the pockets to the main body of the bag as indicated in Step 2 and match raw edges. Top stitch along the folded side seams onto the body of the bag.
  6. Pocket flaps Attach the magnetic buttons as indicated by X to both pocket flaps. Sew binding around curved edges. With right sides facing, stitch flaps to the body of the bag above the pockets, fold over, press and top stitch 2mm in from fold (as shown above).
  7. Bag flap Attach the magnetic button. With wrong sides facing, baste. Stitch binding along the curved edge.
  8. Handle Cut one strip of fabric 8cm x 25cm. With right sides facing, fold lengthwise and sew along the length. Turn right side out and press with the seam in the centre.
  9. Straps Cut two strips of fabric 10cm x 68cm (length is optional). With right sides facing, fold lengthwise, turn right side out and press.
  10. Body of the bag Fold in and press 3cm at the top edge of main body of the bag and lining and mark all rivet holes on the body and lining, with the fourth hole falling at the centre of the bag and the three on either side evenly spaced. Sew the centre back closed. Attach the bag flap and straps to the outer bag body, centering the flap, and sew in place. Attach the base of the magnetic clip to the bag body, corresponding to the position on the bag flap. Attach the ends of the straps to the base as indicated in Step 2. With right sides facing, pin the bag bases to the bag body and lining, and sew. With wrong sides facing, place the lining inside the bag body and matching the top edges together, topstitch 2mm from the edge. Cut holes and insert rivets.
  11. Feed the cord through the rivets and attach at the centre back.
  12. Add decorative buttons. Sew in all loose threads.
  13. Bag base Cut the bag base template from the plastic base of a reusable shopper (the type you’d buy at a supermarket till) and place inside the bag.

Nautical-bagpack-flaps       Nautical-bagpack4

Nautical-bagpack8      Nautical-bagpack2

Nautical-bagpack10      Nautical-bagpack6

Nautical-bagpack5      Nautical-bagpack


Magazine issue date: November, 2014