Nifty storage buckets

Nifty storage buckets

nifty storage buckets

Store pens and stationery bits and bobs neatly in these nifty storage buckets.

You’ll need:

  • denim type fabric + lining: see measurements below
  • matching cotton
  • scissors
  • pins
  • ruler
  • fabric marker

Measurements are given here for the smallest bucket.
SMALL BAG: 18cm x 28cm
MEDIUM BAG: 24cm x 28cm
LARGE BAG: 28cm x 28cm

If you choose to use jeans cutoffs you will need to alter the measurements to fit. 1cm seams are used throughout so don’t forget them in your measuring.

To make:

  1. LINING: Sew the two side seams, then the bottom seam, leaving a gap of 5cm. With the fabric right side facing, sew down the side seams and then sew from the outside corners in towards the centre bottom of the bag, leaving 4-5cm open so that you can turn the bag right side out in the final steps.
  2. Measure 5cm from the corner seam as shown in the diagram. Use pins to mark 5cm front and back along both seams. You will now have four pins front and back. Pull out the sides of your bag and lay one seam on top of the other so that you can push a pin through the top mark and line the seams up so that the pin comes out at the pin you have on the other side. This forms your boxed corner. Stitch from one end to the other of the boxed corner. Cut and discard the excess. Repeat for the other side.
  3. OUTER FABRIC: With the denim right side facing create the outer bag as with the lining, but this time sewing all seams closed.
  4. Attach the lining to the outer bag by placing it inside the lining (right side facing the lining). Line up the top edges of the bags, checking that the inside bag sits comfortably inside the other. Sew the top edges of
    the lining and the outside denim fabric.
  5. Turn the bag right side out, slide your fingers through the hole in the bottom of the lining and gently ease the right side of the bag out through the lining. Stitch the gap in the lining closed. Next, push the lining back into the bag and settle it into place. Next, topstitch around the top of the bag about 3mm from the edge. Lastly, fold over the top edge to expose the lining fabric.

To vary the shape of your bag change the measurements for the box corner. The width of the basket will always be four times the measurement you use for the box corners. For example: The box corner is 2.5cm, the width of the basket will be 10cm.



Magazine issue date: February, 2018

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