Night sky time-out bottle

Night sky time-out bottle

time-out bottle

Does your toddler need a cool-down and distraction after throwing a tantrum?

Let them enjoy the swirling glitter and stars in this craft and use the amount of time it takes until the glitter settles to the bottom as the perfect time-out.

You’ll need

  • 500ml plastic bottle
  • 500ml hot water
  • 60ml glitter glue in blues, greens and silver
  • star confetti in blues and greens
  • superglue

To make

  1. Rinse plastic bottle, peel off label and scrub off glue residue.
  2. Half-fill the bottle with hot water.
  3. Squeeze in the glitter glue from the tubes, replace the cap and shake until the glue dissolves in the hot water.
  4. Add the star confetti and more glitter, if you choose.
  5. Fill the bottle with the rest of the hot water and seal cap with superglue so that little fingers can’t twist it off.
  6. Shake and enjoy the swirls of glitter, or offer as a time-out and watch the glitter settle to the bottom of the bottle.

Tip: For more sparkle, add more glitter to the bottle once you’ve added the glitter glue. If you use different sized bottles, the ratio of glitter glue will change accordingly. If you want to slow down the glitter’s movement in the water, add more glitter glue.


Magazine issue date: July, 2017

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