Paper cone wreath

Paper cone wreath

Recycle a phone book into a pretty paper cone wreath.

Paper cone wreathAn old paperback or phonebook can be easily upcycled into a pretty paper cone wreath this Christmas.

You will need

  • an old paperback
  • red, cream or brown card
  • pinking shears or edging scissors
  • regular scissors
  • stapler
  • length of ribbon for hanging

What to do

  1. Tear pages from your paperback and cut into perfect squares. To do this quickly, fold the page number corner in toward the inside margin and trim off the excess. Cut many of these.
  2. To fold the individual cones, fold each square in half. Then open out and fold one corner (opposite the fold line) into the centre as if you are folding a kite, and press flat. Press the original fold flat, folding the open flap around the first flap, meeting at the back to touch the first fold line (use the template). DOWNLOAD PDF
  3. Pop open the cone, and secure folds with a staple. Repeat for around 24-28 cones, enough to make a substantial wreath.
  4. Glue cones together along the sides with the pointy end in the centre, and work around in a full circle. Cover the centre of the wreath (the cone tips) with a circle of cardboard. We cut ours out using pinking shears for a more decorative finish.
  5. Add another cardboard circle to the back of the wreath and secure with glue. This will give it more strength. Secure a hanging ribbon with another staple or glue.

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Magazine issue date: December, 2012