Paper craft baubles

Paper craft baubles

paper craft baubles

These paper craft baubles are a beautiful addition to any Christmas tree.

You’ll need

  • coloured paper
  • craft knife
  • ruler
  • thin gauge stainless steel wire
  • pliers
  • 2 beads per bauble

To make

  1. To start, cut out 5 strips of coloured paper, each 2.5cm x 29cm.
  2. Make three tiny holes in the paper to thread the wire through, one in the middle of the strip and the other two about 1.5cm from both ends.
  3. Using the pliers, make a small loop at the end of your wire and then measure roughly 13-14cm of wire and cut.
  4. Add one of your beads and thread the wire through the middle hole of each strip of paper.
  5. Once all strips have been threaded, start threading the wire through the ends of the strips to make a circular shape. Make sure you work with opposite strips and constantly adjust the spacing between
    the strips so that your bauble has a nice round shape.
  6. Add on the other bead and make another small loop in the wire.


  • For a smaller bauble, cut 7 strips measuring 1cm x 21cm. You’ll then only need about 9-10cm of wire.
  • To add a tassel onto the bauble, open up one of the loops you’ve made in the wire, thread it through the tassel, then close it up again.



Magazine issue date: December, 2017