Paper flowers

Paper flowers

Making paper flowers is easy! All you need is string and some colour to create a floral fantasy at your next party.


You will need

  • cardstock or paper in colours of your choice
  • flower template in various sizes
  • stapler
  • clear glue
  • thick needle and thread
  • pegs

To make

  1. Cut our flowers in various sizes from your paper or card. DOWNLOAD
  2. Fold the flower at position X, to mark the centre of the flower. Apply glue to the flap where indicated. Fold the flower again, tucking the flap around the back of the flower. Place a peg over the glued area to hold it in place. Remove when dried.
  3. To curl the petals, hold the flower at the base and curl petals outward between your thumb and forefinger, beginning at the base of the petal and curling up toward the end. For the smaller flowers, curl the petals inward to resemble buds.
  4. To string a garland, thread a needle with embroidery thread or similar and push through
    each flower at its base, going through the paper at two points to ensure they sit up well.

Tip For maximum impact, glue smaller flowers inside larger ones to create layers of petals. Push a length of craft wire up through the base to act as a stem.

Magazine issue date: Sep, 2014

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