Paper holly wreath

Paper holly wreath

This paper holly wreath makes an elegant festive welcome.

Paper holly wreathA paper holly wreath is an easy way to recycle craft or scrapbooking paper.

What you need

  • several sheets of gold paper
  • scissors
  • wood or craft glue (suitable for polystyrene)
  • round polystyrene wreath (available from craft shops)
  • ribbon for hanging

To make the paper holly wreath

  1. Download the template. DOWNLOAD PDF
  2. Trace the holly leaf templates onto the gold paper, and cut out a variety of small and large holly leaves.
  3. Apply a small amount of glue onto the tops of your leaves and press down onto the polystyrene, starting at the middle, working outwards and all around the wreath. Place the larger leaves on first, then place the smaller ones on top, overlapping as you go.
  4. Do a second layer for a fuller wreath. Attach a loop of ribbon to the top and hang up.

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Magazine issue date: December, 2014