Paper star advent

Paper stars advent

This paper star advent is great to hang on a Christmas tree and to hide little sweets.


You will need

  • stamp or felt marker
  • brown paper
  • thread and needle
  • treats or sweets
  • twine or ribbon

To make

  1. Draw 6 stars on a page and make 8 copies.
  2. Enlarge the stars to your desired size (large enough for fit little treats).
  3. Cut 48 star shapes out of brown paper, or any paper of your choice.
  4. Stamp or write numbers 1-24 on the star fronts. Place two stars together, numbered side facing out.
  5. Sew around the edges leaving one V open.
  6. Fill your star ‘pocket’ with treats and sew closed. This goes quite quickly by machine.
  7. Add hanging loops to attach them to your tree, if desired.

Magazine issue date: December, 2014