Paper triangle advent calendar

Paper triangle advent calendar

The paper triangle advent calendar is fun to make and great for hiding sweets.


You will need

  • scrapbook or pretty paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • trinkets or sweets
  • sweets

To make

  1. Cut a rectangle from pretty paper. Fold one long side over the other. Press one end flat and sew closed, 5mm from the edge.
  2. Press the opposite end flat, but at a 90° angle to the first fold.
  3. Fill the cavity with trinkets and press closed to form a 3D triangle.
  4. Sew the other end closed. You can make these in any size, depending on how much is going into them.
  5. Make 24, and stamp or write numbers 1-24.On large triangles you may need a dot of glue or bit of magic tape to keep the long fold closed.

Magazine issue date: Dec, 2014

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