Personalised tea bags

Personalised tea bags

These personalised tea bags make a very special gift for a tea lover.

You’ll need

  • loose tea
  • muslin
  • string
  • scissors
  • tin for gifting
  • paper
  • paper glue

To make

  1. Cut your muslin into small squares.
  2. Fill the centre of the muslin square with one teaspoon of loose tea.
  3. Bring the corners of the muslin together, enfolding the tea, and tie with string.
  4. Trim the excess muslin and cut the string to your desired length.
  5. Print tags from our website and cut them out (or you can make your own tags).
  6. Fold the paper tag in half and glue the string in the fold. Glue both sides of the tag together.
  7. Make as many teabags as you need to fill your tin.


Magazine issue date: May, 2017

Joni van der Merwe

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