Photo frame advent calendar

Photo frame advent calendar

Count down the days to Christmas with this gorgeous rustic photo frame advent calendar.

Photo-frame-advent-calendar template

What you need

  • old picture frame
  • twine
  • 25 mini pegs
  • number template (see below)
  • calendar activities from website
  • patterned craft paper in different colours
  • craft or paper
  • glue
  • Prestick or wood glue

To make

  1. Open up the frame and remove the pictures, mounting and glass from it.
  2. Depending on the width of your frame cut your twine so that you are able to tie tight knots that go across the frame on both sides of it.
  3. Make sure the knotted part is at the back of the frame. Hold the knot down with wood glue or Prestick so your rope stays in place.
  4. Cut 25 rectangles from your patterned craft paper into 10cm length and 8cm width. (TIP Use two different colour twines and twist them together so you have a patterned rope.
  5. Print out the activities calendar. DOWNLOAD PDF
  6. Cut out and stick each one individually onto your craft paper, about 2cm from the top of your craft paper. (TIP You can also download the frames and simply add in your own personal messages and use those.
  7. Print out the number template on cardboard or thick laminated paper, cut out. Fold 1cm at the top of each number template, glue on the fold and stick onto the top of your rectangle to flap. Press it down for a few seconds then put it under something heavy until dry. Once dry you should be able to flap open the number and see your message underneath. Do this for all 25.
  8. Hang each date on the rope using the mini pegs. Let the countdown to Christmas begin!

Magazine issue date: December, 2012