Pixie perfect baby bootees

Pixie perfect baby bootees

baby bootees

These adorable bootees are a quick knit for that special little baby in the family.


Original bootees worked in size 3-6 months.
To fit ages: 0-3(3-6;6-9) months
Length of sole: 7(9;10)cm


cont – continue; foll(s) – follow(s)ing; k – knit; m1 – make one stitch, pick up loop between last and next stitch and work into the back of this loop; p – purl; rem – remain(ing); rep – repeat; sl – slip; st(s) – stitch(es);
tog – together

You’ll need

  • Elle Pure Gold Print DK (100g balls). 30g colour of your choice. We used Griffin 157
  • one pair 3.25mm knitting needles
  • sewing needle

To make

Using 3.25mm needles cast on 23(27;31)sts.
1st row: K.
2nd row: K1, m1, k10(12;14)sts, m1, k1, m1, k10(12;14)sts, m1, k1 = 27(31;35)sts.
3rd row: K.
4th row: K1, m1, k11(13;15)sts, m1, k3, m1, k11(13;15)sts, m1, k1 = 31(35;39)sts.
5th row: K.
6th row: K1, m1, k12(14;16)sts, m1, k5, m1, k12(14;16)sts, m1, k1 = 35(39;43)sts.
7th row: K.
8th row: K1, m1, k13(15;17)sts, m1, k7, m1, k13(15;17)sts, m1, k1 = 39(43;47)sts. K 8(10;12) rows.

Shape instep

1st row: K23(26;29)sts, k2tog, turn.
2nd row: Sl1, k7(9;11)sts, k2tog, turn.
Rep 2nd row 10(12;14) times = 27(29;31)sts.
Next row: Sl1, k to end.
Next row: K.
K 4 rows.
Cont as folls:
1st row: K1, (p1, k1) to end.
2nd row: P1, (k1, p1) to end.
Rep last 2 rows once more.
K18(20;22) rows, then cast off all sts.

To finish

Sew seam, reversing seam for foldover.

Important pattern notes

  • Unless yarn specified is used, Saprotex cannot accept responsibility for the finished work.
  • Owing to printing restrictions, the colour reproduction is matched as closely to the yarn as possible.
  • The instructions are given for the smallest size, with the larger sizes in brackets; where only one figure is given, it applies to all sizes.
  • Save time, take time, check tension. For best results, it’s essential to obtain the correct tension. If there are too few stitches on your test swatch, use thinner needles; if there are too many stitches, use thicker needles.



Magazine issue date: Aug, 2017

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