Plastic bag dispenser

Plastic bag dispenser

Crochet this plastic bag dispenser for your home or as a gift for someone special!

You will need:

  • 1-2 rolls kitchen string, or DK cotton (total 150g)
  • 50g ball 4-ply cotton
  • 4mm crochet hook

Dc –
double crochet; Sl st – slip stitch; Ch – chain; Dec – decrease; Sts – stitches

To make:

Make a slip knot and ch 34. Join with a sl st.

Round 1: Ch1, dc into each ch. Sl st into initial ch1 to close round. [35sts]
Round 2: Ch1, 2dc into each st. Sl st to close round. [70sts]
Round 3: Repeat round 1. [70sts]
Round 4: Rep round 2. [140sts]
Round 5-55: Work straight in dc.
Round 56-58: Using 2 strands of blue, work 3 rounds.
Round 59-61: Using string, work 3 rounds.
Round 62-64: Using 2 strands of blue, work 3 rounds.
Round 65-68: Using string, work 4 rounds.
Round 69: For the handle, ch1 then dc into each dc until 5ch before seam. Ch10 and join to the work 5dc after the seam.
Round 70: Cont round, dec by 1 every 5dc, until you reach the handle. Dc across top of handle.
Round 71: Complete last round, dec by 1 every 5dc.
Dc into each ch on handle. Sl st to finish off at the end of the handle. Weave in all loose ends.

Magazine issue date: January, 2017

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