Polaroid fridge magnets

Polaroid fridge magnets

polaroid fridge magnets

These polaroid fridge magnets are a great way to keep your special memories where you can appreciate them every day!

You’ll need

  • polaroid template
  • craft foam
  • magnetic strips
  • craft knife
  • glue

To make

Click here to download the polaroid fridge magnets template
  1. Print out the photos you want to use, making sure they’re 9cm tall and 8.5cm wide.
  2. Download the template and trace it onto your foam board. Use a craft knife to cut out the back and front neatly.
  3. Glue your photo to the back of the front piece of foam board after checking to make sure it sits nicely
    in the cut-out window.
  4. Glue both pieces of board together. Glue on the magnetic strips.

Tip: your friend’s Instagram is a great place to find their favourite pics.


Magazine issue date: Nov, 2017

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