Pretty polka dots

Pretty polka dots

Add personality and colour with these pretty polka dots the next time you wrap up a gift. So easy!

Pretty polka dots wrap

You will need

  • brown paper
  • acrylic paint (very little)
  • a pencil or craft sponge with a flat end
  • ruler
  • ribbon and a flower to decorate

To make

  1. Roll out your brown paper and place paperweights on all corners.
  2. Using the end of the pencil or brush, dip into paint and blot off excess.
  3. Using the ruler as a guide, stamp on polka dots at 5cm intervals.
  4. Start another row, positioning more dots evenly between those in the previous row.
  5. Allow to dry completely before wrapping. Add a matching satin ribbon (we love the contrast of textures) and gerbera or rose to finish off your gift.

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Magazine issue date: May, 2015

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