Quilted stockings

Quilted stockings



Make these quilted stockings to store yummy treats or hang them around the house.

You will need

For each stocking:

  • 1 x FQ main fabric
  • 1 x FQ batting
  • 1 x FQ lining (may be the same as the main)
  • If a plain cuff is preferred, use a 23cm x 33cm piece of fabric

To make

  1. Using a water-soluble pen and ruler, mark the quilting lines for the design of your choice – like diamonds, squares or straight lines – quilting with any fancy stitch on your machine.
  2. Make a fabric sandwich with the lining, batting and main fabric, either use repositionable glue spray (505) or tack the layers together. Quilt the sandwich working from the centre outward. Steam gently once quilted.
  3. Cut out 2 stocking shapes facing each other. The fabric in the centre between the boots is used for the cuff.
  4. Place the two stocking pieces right sides facing and stitch with a scant 0.6cm seam. Trim slightly and zigzag or overlock. Turn right sides out and push to correct shape.
  5. Cut out two cuff pieces. Place right sides together and stitch the short sides together with a 0.6cm, trim and zigzag. The cuff must measure the same as the top opening of the boot. Make a small facing along the bottom edge of the cuff to neaten. Turn to the inside and slip stitch by hand. Turn the cuff right side out.
  6. Make a loop either with ribbon or matching tape or fabric. Pin inside the boot with the raw edges aligned with the top of the stocking. Place the right side of the cuff inside the stocking, matching the raw edges and seams. Pin in place and stitch, then trim and zigzag. Turn the cuff to the outside of the boot and gently tug on the loop.
  7. To make a plain (un-quilted cuff), cut a 23cm x 33cm piece of fabric and a 10cm x 33cm piece of batting. Fold the fabric right sides facing and place the batting on top. Stitch down the short sides, trim the batting from the seam allowance and turn the fabric right sides out. Top stitch along the long folded edge, making sure the batting is to the fold, then attach to the boot. Press lightly once the boot is complete.

Magazine issue date: December, 2013

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