Quirky DIY shelf

Quirky DIY shelf


Turn a piece of reclaimed wood into this quirky DIY shelf!

You’ll need

  • rope
  • flat piece of reclaimed wood
  • 2 medium-duty carabiners

To make

  1. Cut rope into two equal lengths. Knot the two ends of each length together. Lay your wood on the floor.
  2. Loop through the rope as shown. Place the carabiner at the knotted end.
  3. Mark the position for the screw hooks. Screw in each one securely. With an assistant holding the other end, loop the carabiner over the screw hook. Test that the shelf is perfectly level and adjust the rope knots if necessary.

Tip: Fixings will depend on your ceiling. Screwing hooks into wooden ceilings or beams is straightforward. If anchoring to a wall, use the appropriate wall plugs and screws, as recommended by your hardware store.


Magazine issue date: October, 2018