Rainbow tassles cushion

Rainbow tassles cushion

The rainbow tassles cushion is the perfect project for leftover yarn or crochet cotton.

Rainbow Tassles cushion

You will need

  • one plain cushion
  • cotton or wool in an array of colours
  • scissors
  • a piece of stiff
  • cardboard, 10cm wide
  • matching thread

To make

  1. Take some wool and wrap around the cardboard 20 times (fewer times for a floppy tassel, more times for a sturdy one).
  2. Cut through the yarn at both ends. Use a small piece of yarn in the same colour to tie the lengths together at the 5cm mark.
  3. Fold the yarn lengths in half to form a u-shape. Use another length of yarn to wrap around the head of the tassel.
  4. To secure to the cushion loop, thread through the head of the tassel and sew to the cushion with a double stitch, snipping any visible ends off neatly.

Magazine issue date: Oct, 2015

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