4 scarf knitting patterns

4 scarf knitting patterns

A scarf is a winter closet staple. Knit  your own with one of these free scarf knitting patterns. There is even one for beginners and if you’re up for a challenge try the infinity scarf.

Simply click on an image below to go to the pattern. 

Tassel Scarf 

This tassel scarf is perfect for chilly weather, and the tassels bring it right up to date!

tassel scarf

Infinity scarf

Make this lovely infinity pattern scarf with just two stitches. It goes around twice and keeps out the chilliest wind.

The beginner’s knitted scarf

This scarf pattern is great for beginners. You’ll finish in no time with the simple ribbing pattern.

Stylish scarf

Amazing lace scarf

Use any yarn and corresponding needles for this amazing lace scarf.

The amazing lace scarf


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