Sensory ribbon toy for babies

Sensory ribbon toy for babies

sensory ribbon toy

Babies will love tugging on and chewing the different ribbons and textures in this sensory toy.

You’ll need

  • BPA-free plastic jar with screw-on lid big enough to fit your hand inside but not too big for baby to hold
  • a variety of ribbon, string and wool. Make sure they’re safe for baby to chew on and have no loose pieces that may become a choking hazard
  • drill with various drill bit sizes
  • craft knife

To make

  1. Using the drill, make holes in the plastic jar in different sizes to accommodate the various thicknesses of ribbon or string.
  2. Cut and measure different lengths of the ribbons and strings. Taking a strand at a time, insert a ribbon through one of the holes and tie a knot at both ends to secure it so that it cannot be pulled out. Repeat with the rest of the ribbon and string lengths.
  3. Pull the ribbon lengths inside the jar so that only the knotted ends stick out. Screw the lid onto the jar and give it to baby who will enjoy tugging the ribbons out. Once they’re pulled out, simply unscrew the lid and pull them back inside for more sensory pulling fun!

Tip: Place small single knots along the strands to add extra texture that baby can tug through the holes.


Magazine issue date: Mar, 2018


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