Small knitted pouf

Small knitted pouf

small knitted pouf

Follow these easy steps for creative seating in your living room.

You’ll need

  • 7.5mm straight needles
  • 100g chunky weight yarn
  • 50g DK cotton, or a ball of kitchen string
  • 2 x 40mm cushion inners
  • wool needle for sewing up

Finished size: 40cm x 20cm

To make

  1. With a strand each of chunky and DK, cast on 38 stitches, leaving a long yarn tail. Knit 140 rows in
    garter stitch. Cast off, leaving a long yarn tail.
  2. You will have a large rectangle. Sew up the short sides, so that you have a tube.
  3. Using the needle, thread one of the yarn tails, and weave through the stitches evenly up one long side.
    Pull the yarn as tightly as possible (the unbreakable cotton string will help here), and secure.
  4. Stuff the cushion inners into the base, tucking in the corners to give a round, smooth edge. Finish off
    to close in the same way: thread the long yarn tail up the long edge, pulling in tightly to close. Secure the
    end and weave in any loose ends.

Note: Vary the size by casting on more stitches, knitting more rows and stuffing with larger inners.

Tip: To wash, simply undo one end, hand wash in a suitable detergent and allow to dry, before refilling and closing up.

Magazine issue date: Aug, 2016

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