Spontaneity Striped Blanket pattern

Spontaneity striped blanket

This striped blanket pattern is simple but the colourwork keeps it interesting with a charming tassled border.

SpontaneityWhat you need

  • PURE GOLD DK (100g balls)
  • 2 balls Vanilla 105 A
  • 1 ball Lavender 015 B
  • 1 ball Pepper 055 C
  • 1 ball Blush 026 D
  • 2 balls Parakeet 076 E
  • 1 ball Spritz 003 F
  • 1 ball Military 061 G
  • 1 ball Sage 074 H
  • One pair 4mm knitting needles

±90cm x 120cm

20sts and 40 rows = 10cm over garter stitch using 4mm needles.

beg = begin(ning); cont = continue; foll(s) = follow(s)ing; k = knit; rep = repeat; st(s) = stitch(es).


You can carry the colours not in use up along side, covering the edges by sewing over a border of binding. Alternatively, cut and fasten off colours, thus creating tassels along the edge.
This blanket is reversible.


It may seem tedious but makes working with so many colours easier if you untwist the balls after a stitch or two, then complete the row. As your work progress you will notice that the colours will be grouped at the sides with the colour being used at present in the middle. Keep the balls of yarn separate as such, untwisting frequently, for easier knitting. Don’t pull out too much yarn at a time. Alternate the way you turn your needles after each row, i.e. after the first row, turn the needle tip towards you, on the next row turn the needle tip away from you.

To make

Using 4mm needles and A, cast on 184sts.
Cont in rows of k, changing colours as desired or foll colour sequence as folls:
*Work 3 rows A,
2 rows B,
1 row A,
2 rows C,
4 rows D,
1 row A,
3 rows E,
2 rows F,
1 row E,
2 rows G,
4 rows H,
1 row E,
6 rows F,
Cut A and join to beg of next row*, then rep from * to * until work measures 120cm (or desired length), then cast off all sts.


Trim and secure all loose ends.
Block work to measurement, cover with damp cloths and allow to dry.


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