Sticker-dyed Easter eggs

Sticker-dyed Easter eggs

The kids will love decorating these sticker-dyed Easter eggs.


You will need

  •  newspaper
  • white vinegar
  • blue, red and yellow food colouring
  • hard-boiled white eggs
  • paper towel
  • cooling rack
  • small letter stickers and different shape stickers, like stars

To make

  1. Cover your work area with newspaper and place the cooling rack on top.
  2. Place 1 tbsp (15ml) white vinegar into a wide-mouth cup or mug and fill with enough water to submerge the egg when placed in the mug, then add several drops of food colouring. Use a separate cup for each colour dye.
  3. Dry off each egg completely with paper towels and apply stickers as desired, making sure all edges are firmly adhered.
  4. Place the egg in the dye for about 15-20 minutes – the longer you leave the egg in the dye, the deeper the colour will be. Remove the egg during dying to get the desired tone. Allow to dry on the cooling rack.
  5. When the egg is completely dry, peel off the stickers. If desired, dye the egg again using a lighter colour (such as yellow) to fill in the white spaces, and allow to dry completely.


  • Be careful not to leave the egg in the dye too long as the shell may absorb the liquid and crack.
  • Gently scrape any sticker adhesive residue off with your fingernail.
  • To create green, add blue and yellow colouring in the same cup.
  • While this technique can’t be applied to candy eggs, they can be painted or decorated with food colouring.

Magazine issue date: Apr, 2013

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