Storage baskets

Storage baskets

storage baskets

Pop odds and ends in these beautiful crocheted storage baskets.


ch – chain; dc – double crochet; sl st – slip stitch; st/s – stitch/es

You’ll need

  • t-shirt yarn
  • size 12 crochet hook
  • cornflour

To make

Round 1: Start with a magic ring, 6dc into ring (6)
Round 2: (2dc into next st) 6 times (12)
Round 3: (1dc, 2dc in next st) 6 times (18)
Round 4: (2dc, 2dc in next st) 6 times (24)
Round 5: (3dc, 2dc in next st) 6 times (30)
Round 6: Dc into the back loop of each st, 30dc (30)
Rounds 7-10: Dc (30)
Round 11: 10dc, 6ch, skip next 5 sts, dc into next 10 sts, 6ch, skip next 5 sts, close with a dc (32)
Round 12: 30dc and finish off with a sl st (32)
Tie off all loose ends.

Tip: To stiffen the basket, mix 60ml cornflour with 250ml water. Heat in a small saucepan, stirring until it thickens
slightly. Paint over completed basket. Place basket over an upturned jar (with a snug fit) and allow to dry in the sun.


Magazine issue date: Nov, 2017

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