Stylish crochet scarf

Stylish crochet scarf

Keep the chills away or add colour to a simple outfit with this beautiful stylish crochet scarf.

Stylish crocheted scarf



  • Pingouin Family Knit DK (50 g balls)
  • 2 balls Peat 44 A
  • 1 ball each Cherry Red 169 B
  • Olive Green 62 C and White 01 D
  • 4mm crochet hook


14cm x 200cm. Instructions are given for one size only.


3 shells and 7 rows – 10cm x 10cm over webbed lace pattern using a 4mm hook.


ch – chain; foll(s) – follow(s)ing; rep – repeat; st(s) – stitch(es); sp – space; tr – treble; tch – turning chain.

Stitches used

Webbed lace pattern:
Multiple of 7sts (add 4sts for base chain).
1st row: 1tr into 5th ch from hook, *2ch, miss 5ch, 4tr into next ch**, 2ch, 1tr into next ch, rep from * ending last rep at ** in last ch, turn.
2nd row: 4ch, 1tr into first st, *2ch, miss (3tr, 2ch and 1tr)**, work (4tr, 2ch, 1tr) into next 2ch sp, rep from * ending last rep at **, 2ch, 4tr into tch, turn.
Rep 2nd row.

Striped pattern: 1 row each A, B, A, C, A, D, A, B and A, as for above.


Using a 4mm hook and A, make 420ch + 4ch (for base ch) and work in stripe and webbed lace patt. When stripe patt is complete, fasten off.

To make up

Fringes: Work fringes at each end of scarf as follows: At each colour of stripe make 5 fringes (= ± 40cm long) of same colour and thread through with a hook.

Magazine issue date: July, 2005

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