Super easy kaftan

Super easy kaftan

We show you how to transform a scarf into a super easy kaftan!

You’ll need

  • 2 identical rectangular scarves (ours measured 85cm x 190cm)
  • matching needle and thread

To make

  1. Lay the 2 scarves side by side. Find the midlength on both scarves and mark
    with a pin.
  2. On either side of the pin, working out from the centre, make a mark at 20cm, 30cm and
    40cm. Remove the centre pin.
  3. Make a double stitch through both scarves at the 20/30/40cm points.
  4. Wear with the ‘join’ along your centre front and back. Alternatively, instead of the double stitches use buttons and buttonholes or press studs. You can then still wear your scarves individually.
Click here to download the kaftan diagram

Magazine issue date: January, 2017

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