T-shirt yarn baskets

T-shirt yarn baskets

These quick T-shirt yarn baskets can store anything and everything!

T-shirt yarn basketsYou will need

  • 2 balls of Tarn or similar (2 x 500g)
  • 12mm crochet hook
  • paperclip or stitch marker

NOTE: The thickness of Tarn can vary from one style to another, so finished sizes may differ slightly.


Ch – chain; dc – double crochet; ss – slip stitch; rep – repeat; RS – right side; st(s) – stitches

Using 12mm crochet hook and Tarn, work 4ch. Join using ss to form a ring. Work 8dc into centre ring.
1st round: 2dc into ea st of the 1st ring – 16sts.
2nd round: (1dc into 1st st, 2dc into next st)7 times – 24sts.
3rd round: (1dc into 1st and 2nd st, 2dc into 3rd st)7 times – 32sts.
4th round: (1dc into first 3 sts, 2dc into 4th st)7 times – 40 sts.
5th round: (1dc into first 4 sts, 2dc into 5th st)7 times – 48sts.
6th round: (1dc into first 5 sts, 2dc into 6th st)7 times – 56sts.
Mark your place using a stitch marker or paperclip.

Dc into the front loop only of each st in the next round. This will form a clear ridge on the base of the basket and help give it shape. You should be working with the inside of the basket facing you. Now dc into both loops of each stitch and continue crocheting around for 14 rows to make the sides of the basket. Stop at the stitch marker after 14 rows.

*Work 12ch, miss 10 sts, dc into ea of the next 18 sts, rep from * to end – 56sts. Work 2 rows of dc to reinforce the handles. Cut yarn and pull through.

FOR A LARGE BASKET (3 x 500g balls)

Proceed up to 6th round as for medium basket.
7th round: (1dc into 1st 6 sts, 2dc ino 7th st)7 times – 64sts.
For the sides, work 19 rows of dc.
For the handles, *work 12ch, miss 10sts, dc into ea of the next 22 sts, rep from * to end – 64 sts. Work 2 rows of dc to reinforce the handles.
Cut yarn and pull through.

To stiffen your basket, dilute 1 part clear-drying wood glue with 1 part water. Using a spray bottle, saturate the basket with this solution, then stuff with a large clear plastic bag which you have packed tightly with crumpled newspaper. Allow to dry for 24 hours.
Repeat to stiffen further.





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