Table top napkins

Table top napkins


Table tops

Make these table top napkins as gifts or to decorate your Christmas table.

You will need

(Makes 6 napkins)

  • 1.2m x 80cm fabric (in either a plain colour or to match a theme)
  • embroidery cotton (in various colours)
  • embellishments: ribbon, lace, beads, sequins; fabric paint, pieces of fabric cut into shapes, etc.

To make

  1. Cut the fabric into 6 x 40cm x 40cm squares.
  2. Overlock or seam the edges.
  3. Work out a colour scheme to match your dinner service or special occasion.
  4. To decorate or personalise each napkin, you can either:  sew an assortment of beads or buttons in one of the corners  sew lace or ribbon around the edges paint or iron on initials
    in one of the corners flat-stitch ribbon into a pattern, or  sew on a fabric heart using embroidery cotton.

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Note Your napkin is a clean canvas – have fun and play with various designs.

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