Tarn bag

Tarn bag

Make your own t-shirt yarn and try this easy tarn bag as a weekend craft.

Tarn bagYou will need

  • 2m of 140cm wide suede jersey, cut into 1-inch strips as per page 82, or 500g of t-shirt yarn
  • size 8mm crochet hook*
  • old leather belt

To make

Using size 8mm hook and your t-yarn, work 22ch.
1st row: miss 1ch, work 1dc into each ch to the end. 1ch. Turn.
2nd row: work, 1dc into ea dc to end. 1ch. Turn.
Rep 2nd row three more times, do not turn on last row.
1st round: starting along short side, work 1ch, 1dc into corner loop, dc evenly into loops along short side, (1dc,2ch,1dc) into corner, dc evenly along long edge, (1dc,2ch,1dc) into corner, dc evenly into loops on short side, (1dc,2ch,1dc) into corner, dc evenly along long edge, ss into top of 2ch.
2nd round: 3ch, work 1tr into 2chsp, 1tr into ea dc, working 2tr into ea corner 2chsp. Join with a ss into top of 3ch. Instead of rep 2nd round 9 times more, continue straight, for 9 rounds, until bag is required depth.
Next (belt opening) round: Mark the position for the 4 belt openings so they line up on both sides. 3ch, work in tr to first marker. *2ch, miss 2tr, tr to next marker**, rep * to ** 3 times, tr to end.
Join to top 3ch with a ss.
Next round: 1ch, 1dc into ea tr, working 2dc into ea 2chsp to end, join to top of 1ch with a ss, cut yarn and pull through. Sew in loose threads. Thread belt through all 4 belt openings and fasten buckle. Adjust to change positioning of buckle to the side. Push in the sides of the bag at the top edge to give the bag its shape. Sew these folds closed if preferred, or leave as is to have a wider opening.

Note: 1ch counts as 1dc. 3ch counts as tr.

TIP We used 2m of suede jersey to make the t-shirt yarn for this bag. It’s wonderfully soft to the touch!

Make your own t-shirt yarn with this tutorial.

Magazine issue date: June, 2015

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