tasselled picnic throw

tasselled picnic throw

tasselled picnic throw

Kick off your shoes and soak up the summer sun with our comfy tasselled picnic throw!

You’ll need

  • 2m x 140cm wide fabric in design of your choice
  • 2m batting in medium thickness
  • 2m x 140cm wide fabric for backing
  • matching thread
  • 9m bias tape for edging and straps
  • 2 x plastic luggage strap buckles
  • contrasting thread for tacking
  • sewing needles
  • chalk to mark stitching lines
  • overlocker
  • sewing machine
  • quilters clips or large strong pins

To make

  1. 1 Set all three layers (top fabric, batting and backing fabric) one on top of the other. Tip: we laid ours out on a large bed to minimise sliding. 
  2. Matching the top edges, pin and tack along the top edge through all layers to set in place.
  3. Working carefully, tack in rows through all 3 layers about Tasselled picnic throw 30cm apart all the
    way down vertically, starting from the midline of the length of the fabric, then working outwards
    to the left and then the right.
  4. Next, repeat the step above, but work horizontally from the top of the mat. Your tacking will form
    a grid pattern.
  5. Tack around the edges of the mat to neatly secure.
  6. Using a compass or jar lid, draw rounded corners on each of the four corners using chalk, then overlock around the entire edge of the mat, rounding the edges as you go.
  7. Clip corners of one end of the bias tape and fold over about 4cm. Tack in place.
  8. Fold the tape in half to enclose the edge of the mat. Pin in place all around the edge of the mat, then
    stitch down with the sewing machine. Repeat step 7 with the other end of the tape to be stitched
    onto the edge of the mat. You should be left with roughly 1-1.5m of the bias tape, which will be used for the straps.
  9. Unpick all tacking and wipe off any remaining chalk marks. Tie off all threads.
  10. Divide the remaining tape and cut into two and then measure and mark halfway on each of the two
    cut pieces.
  11. To attach the straps, position them as in the diagram by dividing the second ‘column’ from the left into thirds and marking the thirds off with chalk. Stitch the two lengths of tape on the marked places, stitching each one on at the position marked X.
  12. Thread the straps through the luggage strap buckles and adjust the length as needed to wrap around the rolled-up mat. Stitch to secure.
  13. To roll the mat up (using the diagram below) fold the two outer edges in towards the second column. Fold the right hand side in again. You’ll be left with one column (shaded). Roll up neatly, tucking edges in and clip closed with the buckles.


tasselled picnic throw 2

tassels picnic blanket


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