Tulle wreath

Tulle wreath

Welcome guests at the door with a beautiful tulle wreath. 

Tulle wreathTo make this tulle wreath, strip an old worn wreath down to its wire frame or buy a frame from a florist wholesaler.

You will need

  • wire wreath (we used an existing stick wreath)
  • 1m white tulle
  • 0.5m silver sparkly tulle
  • 1 piece red felt
  • 1 piece grey felt
  • pins
  • decorative broaches of your choice
  • 1m ribbon

To make the tulle wreath

  1. Wrap the wreath in pieces of white tulle to cover it.
  2. Cut strips of tulle, 4cm wide and 35cm long (or to your desired length).
  3. Fold a tulle strip in half, wrap it around the wreath, then pull the two loose ends through the loop, creating a knot. Continue all the way around the wreath. Knot sparkly tulle around one side of the wreath, or as desired.
  4. For a felt rose, draw a squiggly circle on a piece of felt, the size of the rose you want, then cut it out. Starting at the edge, cut a squiggly spiral until you get to the middle. Leave a circle in the middle, as this will be the base.
  5. Starting at the outside, roll up the felt tightly until you get to the middle, then secure it with pins. You can use multiple colours to make your roses, but one or two colours is easiest to work with.
  6. Pin the felt roses and brooches onto the wreath, then tie a piece of ribbon around the top to hang it from a door.

Tip Spot fabric glue along the felt rose spiral for extra security.

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Magazine issue date: December, 2013