Woven loom mat

Woven loom mat

Save money on this easy woven loom mat by making your own t-shirt yarn.

Woven loom mat

You will need

  • 500g t-shirt yarn in navy
  • 10m t-shirt yarn in grey
  • string
  • weaving loom (how to make your own DIY weaving loom)

To make

  1. Thread the dowel sticks with string. Tie a double knot in the string, so that the string forms a loop.
  2. Measure and cut 15 lengths of the grey t-shirt yarn, double the length you intend the mat to be, plus 10cm extra for the tassels on each end.
  3. Thread the grey t-shirt yarn through each string loop and tie at the end, so that the t-shirt yarn is doubled.
  4. Seat the dowel sticks into the holes in the base of the weaving block, with the string down.
  5. Start weaving the navy t-shirt yarn, alternating between the front and back of each stick.
  6. The t-shirt yarn will build in height and gradually fill the sticks. When you need to make space on the sticks, slide the woven t-shirt yarn down the stick, lift the stick out of the seating hole and slip the yarn off, letting it slide onto the grey yarn that you tied onto the ends of the sticks.
  7. Keep working in this manner, evening out the density of the weave as you go. Once you’re near the end of your yarn ball, tuck the tarn into the end of the woven section.
  8. Keeping the weave neat and consistent, sew along the tasselled end of the mat with a straight stitch to secure all threads and ends, so that nothing can unravel.
  9. Untie the grey yarn where it was initially knotted and cut off the string.
  10. Flatten the mat and cut the tassles evenly.

Note: Although this weave is surprisingly strong, wash it by hand as a precaution.

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