Yarn curtain

Yarn curtain

Use up all your scraps in this easy yarn curtain…

Yarn curtain

You will need

  • approximately 200g of yarn in colours of your choice
  • dowel stick
  • shower curtain rings (we used 14)
  • duct tape
  • fishing gut

To make

  1. Cut yarn into pieces measuring 3m. The simplest way to do this is to measure out two chairs 1.5m apart, tie the yarn to one and start winding around. When the skein is finished, snip the yarn in the centre by one of the chairs.
  2. Start looping yarn around the shower curtain rings. We did this by folding the yarn in half and pulling the ends through the loop created at the middle, catching it on the ring. In our yarn backdrop, we looped 14 pieces of yarn around one ring for a neat effect.
  3. Once your rings are finished, start sticking them onto the dowel rod with your duct tape. Cut narrow pieces of tape, and stick the rings onto the rod. As you go, tape the rings to each other. Be careful not to go too tight. Cover the duct tape with an accent yarn or in colour of your choice.
  4. If you can, steam the yarn straight, and trim the ends for a neat effect.
  5. Tie fishing gut onto the dowel rod and hang up!

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