10 tips for safe traveling with pets

10 tips for safe traveling with pets

Follow these practical tips from Hunter SA, provider of luxury pet products, for an easy holiday journey:

  1. Take your pet for a check-up at the vet to ensure they’re up for travelling. Make sure their vaccinations are up to date and get a copy of their medical records to take along.
  2. Start taking your pet on shorter drives a while before the trip so they can get used to being in a car, and gradually increase the drives.
  3. Plan your route so you can make frequent stops for your pet to relieve themselves and stretch their legs.
  4. Pack your pet a bag with all the essentials they’ll need on the trip such as warmer clothing if your destination is cold, bedding, toys and more than enough food to last the entire trip. Also pack a kit for the road with a collapsible water bowl, poop bags and scoop, and a leash.
  5. Arrange professional care for your pet on days when you’ll be out or attending events at your destination. Never leave your pet unattended in an unfamiliar environment.READ MORE: WHAT TO DO WITH PETS WHEN YOU GO ON HOLIDAY
  6. Prepare your car with a seat cover and a secure harness or carrier to keep your pet safe.
  7. Don’t leave your pet alone in the car, and always have your pet on a leash when walking around outside the car at rest stops.
  8. Stick to the rules and pick up after your pet. Ensure your pet is trained so that pet-friendly places will keep welcoming you back.
  9. Stick to your pet’s normal routine of feeding times and walks to minimise the anxiety of an unfamiliar environment.
  10. Don’t feed your pet 4-6 hours before the journey, but make sure to regularly give them small amounts of water to keep them hydrated.

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