10 ways to help ease exam stress

10 ways to help ease exam stress

exam stress

Exam time can be draining and stressful, especially when children are first introduced to them at school.

To help you and your child keep exam tension in check, use these helpful strategies…

10 ways to help ease exam stress.

  1. Help plan a study schedule well in advance, explaining that it’s best to have a clear, realistic plan of what needs to be covered in each study session, where work is broken down into smaller chunks.
  2. If they don’t have a desk in their room, help find somewhere quiet where they’re not likely to be disturbed, and away from distractions.
  3. Encourage them to find out exactly what the exam involves. If they can get his hands on past papers to look at, just being familiar with the format could make them less anxious. They should make a list of things they’re unsure of in advance to ask the teacher.
  4. Help make ‘mind maps’ to collect ideas and summarise thoughts. Using bright colours will help recall important links. Rhymes and associations can also help.
  5. Taking frequent rest breaks will help keep their mind awake.
  6. Offer to help by listening or practising with them sometimes.
  7. Sticking to a routine of going to bed early, eating regularly to maintain a stable blood sugar, drinking lots of water to remain hydrated, and making time to have some fun and exercise, will stand your child in good stead. Fizzy drinks or drinks with caffeine should be avoided or kept to a minimum as these stimulants can increase agitation
  8. Avoid fast food as far as possible – the resulting crash in blood sugar could leave them feeling tired and flat.
  9. Over exam time reduce added family commitments and try not to nag as they’ll be feeling pressured already.
  10. If they are very nervous, try Kali Phos No 6 tissue salts by Natura. While studying, take the standard dose of dissolving 1-2 tablets under the tongue, three times daily. On the day of writing an exam up the dosage to two tablets hourly, before, during and after the exam. Kali Phos can be used in conjunction with Natura Rescue tablets for acute anxiety.



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