11 genius ways to reuse silica gel packets

11 genius ways to reuse silica gel packets

Don’t toss all those little silica gel packs that come with new shoes and medicines – there are loads of clever ways to reuse them around the house…


  1. Keep your memories safe: place a few packets where you store your family photos. Whether it’s inside a box or in amongst your albums, they’ll soak up any moisture that could ruin your pics.
  2. Keep important documents mould-free: store passports and birth certificates in plastic sleeves to keep them protected. Tuck in a few silica sachets to keep them dry.
  3. Preserve leather and suede shoes: any lingering dampness can cause mould to grow when shoes are stored. Pop a gel sachet into each to combat any moisture.
  4. Preserve tools: keep tools rust free by keeping a silica sachet in each toolbox or storage box in the shed or garage.
  5. Silver saver: moisture causes silver to tarnish. Keep a silica sachet in your cutlery canteen, jewellery box or tucked in among any silver you have to keep it looking polished and shiny.
  6. Deodorise old books: remove the smell from an old book by keeping in a ziplock bag together with a silica sachet until the odour is gone.
  7. Keep bulbs dry: if storing bulbs to replant next season, slip a few silica sachets in with them to keep them mould free.
  8. Biltong saver: biltong is expensive, so keep mould away by placing a silica sachet in the bag (if it didn’t come with one in the pack!).
  9. Crispy crisps: keep potato crisps as crispy as they were when you opened the pack by adding a silica sachet to an opened bag and closing with a bag clip.
  10. Pet food protector: keep pet food from being spoiled by moisture by adding silica packets to your bag.
  11. Remove moisture from hard-to-reach places, such as skinny necked bottles or vases by throwing in a sachet.
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