5 cool ways to display family photos

5 cool ways to display family photos

Great ways to showcase all your favourite memories!


Natasha Andreoni and Carmen Niemand from Nestling Photography reveal their favourite ways to display family photos in your home…

  1. Try printing personalised wallpaper utilising your images – a great idea for the kids’ playroom!
  2. Canvas prints are so last season! Acrylic prints – floating frames made of acrylic that provide greater colour pop and vibrancy – make any room look fab.
  3. When creating a gallery wall, try to incorporate interesting ornaments between the frames of the wall. Don’t be afraid to leave some prints unframed by simply displaying them on the wall with some washi tape, or hanging from silver or gold metal bull-dog clips.
  4. To create a classic and minimalist look, try window mounting all your images in their frames. This is an inexpensive way to add sheer elegance to any part of your home!
  5. Print polaroids of your images and stick them on a wall, behind a door, or on your fridge for a retro look.


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