20 uses for bobby pins (that don’t involve your hair!)

20 uses for bobby pins (that don’t involve your hair!)

Everything from threading elastics to tidying up your ribbon stash!

  1. Tape end marker: if finding the end of clear sticky tape is taking you too long, slip a bobby pin under the end to make it easier next time.
  2. Zip aid: if the tab has broken off a zipper, slipping a bobby pin through the slider will help you close the zip until you can repair it.
  3. Sew clever: when working with delicate fabrics like silk or chiffon, use bobby pins to keep two pieces of fabric together when cutting out or sewing to avoid snagging fabric and creating holes with pins.
  4. Bag seal: instead of using expensive plastic bag clips, keep a supply of bobby pins in the kitchen to keep bags closed and food fresh.
  5. Drain unclogger: save your nails and use a bobby pin to hook hair out of your shower or bath drain.
  6. Thumb saver: hammering in short nails can be disastrous for your thumb. Use a bobby pin instead of your fingers to hold the nail in place while you hammer it in.
  7. Toothpaste tool: press your toothpaste away from the end of the tube and slide a bobby pin onto the flat empty section. When squeezing the bobby pin will stop toothpaste travelling back down the tube.
  8. Hem SOS: if you’re out and about and you find your hem is coming undone, a bobby pin with hold it in place until you can get to a needle and thread.


  9. Ribbon tidy: use bobby pins to keep your craft ribbons neatly rolled.
  10. Nail art helper: creating fine swirls and polka dots is much easier with a fine tipped bobby pin. And they’re easy enough to clean up afterwards.
  11. Elastic threader: if you need to thread elastic through a waistband and don’t have a bodkin, or large, blunt needle, attach the elastic to a bobby pin and you’ll be able to thread it through easily.
  12. SIM remover: a bobby pin can be used to reset certain phone models or release their SIM holders.
  13. Seal breaker: slide a bobby pin under the plastic seal on a sauce bottle. You’ll save your nails, and it’s safer than using a knife.
  14. Paper clip substitute: a bobby pin will keep important notes together when you can’t find a paper clip and don’t want to use a stapler.
  15. Bauble repair: use a bobby pin to secure broken decorations to your Christmas tree.
  16. Wool tidy: use a bobby pin to secure yarn tails and keep balls of yarn neatly rolled.
  17. Belt aid: if you’re wearing a belt and the loose end is hanging down or is too far from a belt loop, keep things tidy with a bobby pin.
  18. Cable tidy: use a bobby pin to keep your earphones neatly rolled for the next use.
  19. Page saver: a bobby pin can double as a bookmark or a page marker for your favourite recipe in a magazine.
  20. Stitch marker: use a bobby pin to mark the end of your rounds as you crochet, or to hold and small number of stitches when knitting.
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