3 items to toss from your fridge today

3 items to toss from your fridge today

Teach your kids to adopt healthy eating habits. Swap the following:

Child drinking glass of water

Juice – Doctors and researchers are now saying fruit juice is nothing more than sugar water. Any vitamins are artificial and added after the heating process kills any natural goodness. DRINK water instead.

Low-fat (skim/2%) milk – Most ailments affecting the Western population are believed to have appeared after the 70s with the proliferation of a ‘fear of fat’ by health professionals and industrialists who stood to gain financially. Low-fat foods were (and still are) pumped with sugar and artificial flavours to make them more palatable, especially to kids. FULL-CREAM (and UNFLAVOURED) is the only way to go, provided your child isn’t lactose intolerant.

Sauces – Tomato sauce, mayonnaise, American mustard… Most of our kids have no idea of what food tastes like without it being slathered in sauce! If you don’t buy them, kids can’t use them, and it’s not that difficult to whip up healthier homemade equivalents. Train kids to enjoy the taste of REAL FOOD from the start.


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