4 health tips for back-to-school meal planning

4 health tips for back-to-school meal planning

Proper eating habits encourage optimal brain development, and by teaching your children the importance of good nutrition you can help them grow healthy and strong. Albany shares a few valuable health tips for back-to-school meal planning

Back-to-schoool-tips-for-parents‘Healthy eating habits can help kids excel at everything they do. Because of this, Albany wants to instil a culture of nutritious eating habits at schools,’ says Patience Mhlarhi, Albany marketing assistant. ‘In our modern, rapid-paced world of fast foods, parents sometimes forget the importance of instilling proper eating habits in their kids, rather choosing to settle for what is perceived as the quick and easy fix. The result is an increasing population of obese children who grow to develop life-threatening (and life-limiting) problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. Mental focus and memory are also affected, and this has devastating effects on children’s school grades and performance. To prevent this, we want to encourage parents to keep in mind some basic nutrition tips.’

Four health tips for parents:

  • Practise what you preach. Help your child to develop a strong immune system, resistant bones, and powerful minds so that they can go on to tackle life’s many challenges. To do this, teach them proper eating habits from a young age, and lead by example. Next time you’re tempted to pop by the drive through, remember that nothing is as quick, easy and nutritious as a fresh, homemade sandwich.
  • Make mealtimes fun. Don’t just hand your kids a sandwich. Try to get them actively involved in the preparation, and make it an environment where they can explore their creativity. Prepare the fillings and place them in groups so the kids can start to associate foods that provide similar nutrients.
  • Choose the right bread: Most parents want to offer their kids the goodness of brown bread, but most kids want the taste of white bread. Many kids don’t enjoy the crunch of wholegrain breads, as they prefer a smoother texture. Albany Superior Smooth Wholegrain bread offers the perfect solution plus these varieties are also available as buns. Keep your kids happy and give yourself peace of mind, knowing that you’re doing the best you can for them.
  • Vary the fillings: By offering kids a variety of foods, you’ll ensure they don’t miss out on any of the important nutrients that help them grow.

Albany is running a back-to-school TV campaign for their Best of Both bread during January and February 2016. They’re also excited to be sponsoring the tweens show Hectic 9nine, which broadcasts on SABC 2. Moms and kids are invited to tune into channels such as Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Disney XD, BBC Lifestyle, Food Network and TLC Entertainment to learn more about Albany’s product range for back-to-school season.


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