5 common choking hazards for dogs

5 common choking hazards for dogs

Dogs love to play around and chew on things, but some toys can be more dangerous than others…

5-common-choking-hazards-for-dogsFive common choking hazards for dogs:

  1. Any ball that can fit past your dog’s front teeth is too small and poses a choking risk.
  2. Dogs can choke on small, whole bones; and watch out for cooked bones too as they can splinter into sharp pieces, creating an even greater risk.
  3. Sticks can cause trouble by piercing your dog’s mouth when she’s running, plus they can break into pieces, causing your dog to choke.
  4. Don’t leave small kiddie toys like Lego and marbles on the floor where they can be easily swallowed by your pet.
  5. Most dogs will dig through rubbish bins if they have the opportunity and there are lots of items that could be harmful, like plastic wrap and bags that could get stuck in your pet’s airways.

Tips to prevent bacterial infections in pets

<blurb> Your pet’s toys can be expensive! Day in and day out they’re subjected to plenty of dirt, saliva and food. By taking the time to clean your pet’s toys, you can prevent infections

Tips for hygienic pet toys

  • Rinse and scrub all plastic, rubber and nylon toys to help loosen or remove any food that’s stuck. Then, place in the dishwasher and run on a hot cycle (without detergent).
  • Place wet rope toys (with any metal bits and pieces removed) in the microwave for one minute. Once cooled they’re germ free!
  • Give tennis balls and stuffed toys a new lease on life after a spin in the washing machine. For best results, add a pet-safe detergent and set the machine on a gentle cycle. Let the tennis balls air dry and run the stuffed toys in the tumble dryer with towels to fluff them back up.
  • Throw away any toys that have missing, dangling or broken parts, as they’re a choking hazard.

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