5 easy ways to make your home look inviting... in under 10 minutes!

5 easy ways to make your home look inviting… in under 10 minutes!


December holidays often involve entertaining and parties! Make sure your guests feel welcome and relaxed the minute they enter your home with these quick and easy tricks:

  1. Open blinds and curtains, and allow natural light to fill your home. Light and airy spaces make small rooms feel bigger, which is an added bonus!
  2. A coffee table or ottoman and coasters in the lounge will give your guests the impression that you want them to stay awhile and chat.
  3. Light a few candles – they provide a warm atmosphere and scent the room.
  4. Designate a place for your guests’ shoes, handbags and other belongings. It’ll help your home look more organised, and your guests won’t feel that their belongings are in the way.
  5. Accessorise with soft blankets, throws and cushions. They add a comfy feel to your home and invite people to sit and relax, regardless of whether they use them or not.


Joni van der Merwe

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