5 essential dog commands

5 essential dog commands

5 essential dog commandsSIT With your dog on a lead, hold a reward over his nose and rock it back and forth over the top of his head. When he sits, say ‘sit’ and reward him immediately.
DROP When he’s sitting, hold the reward over his nose, then draw it down to the ground at a 45-degree angle. He should drop to his belly.
STAY When he’s sitting, hold up your hand in a stop position and look him in the eye while commanding ‘stay’. Walk back a few steps, keeping eye contact. Say ‘stay’ again and wait 10 seconds, then walk to him and reward him.
COME When he’s in the stay position and you’ve moved away, say ‘come’ and reward him for coming to you.
WALK AT HEEL Put your dog on a lead and make him sit at your side. Hold a reward in front of your thigh as you walk forward. This will encourage him to walk on a slack lead. Use the commands ‘heel’ or ‘walk’, rewarding him after a few paces, then carry on.

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