5 habits of effective families

5 habits of effective families

With more parents taking on more responsibility with work and home duties, it may seem daunting to run a functional and steady home.

5 habits of effective familiesFollow these 5 habits of effective families and implement them in your home today.

  1. Eat well – if you see ‘food as medicine’ in the first place, a healthy diet should reduce visits to the doctor and keep them well energised for their demanding school and sporting activities.
  2. Sleep well – set appropriate bedtimes for young and old children (and yourself!), especially during the week. That late-night movie will do you no good tomorrow!
  3. Manage your time well, and teach kids how to as well. This reduces stress – exactly what both kids and parents need less of!
  4. Take time to play, with and without the kids. Plan those weekends away. Having them to look forward to will spur you on through the tough times.
  5. Encourage kids to be involved in a range of activities. Being involved in a few things at school will help them stay balanced and gain confidence in their various abilities. Likewise for you and your spouse – interests out of work, school and your relationship will help keep perspective on life!

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