5 habits of indispensable people

5 habits of indispensable people

In the current economy, you wouldn’t want your boss to think of you when they’re planning staff cuts…


Making yourself indispensable at work is not achieved overnight. Here are 5 habits to start adopting today:

  1. Network: don’t waste opportunities to network at functions by chatting with your work buddies. Get out there and interact with other indispensable people.
  2. Master a skill: learn to excel at something and become known as the resident expert.
  3. Go the extra mile: no company wants to lose the person who is willing to go beyond what is expected of them.
  4. Seek to improve yourself: take free courses online to keep your skills updated or to learn new ones that could enhance your performance on the job.
  5. Ignore gossip and don’t spread negativity: gossip is a huge time-waster and bosses know who they are. Likewise, people who are always negative and combative are seen as counter-productive and toxic in the workplace. Find out how to distance yourself from these types here. 

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