5 kitchen trends to look out for in 2016

5 kitchen trends to look out for in 2016

We take a look at the top 5 kitchen trends that will dominate in 2016…

“The table is life,” says Trevor King, Marketing Director of kitchen and surfaces giant, Caesarstone. King continues, “I cannot remember a time when I last saw a kitchen that was not part of the greater open-plan living space.”

Basically, the kitchen is the new family room of the home in 2016!

  1. Industrial chic

    Find the beauty in the utilitarian by mixing natural timber and worn textures with forged or welded tin, aluminium, iron and steel. Think brushed-steel cabinet fronts with a matte finish and a hint of characterful patina, and combine with high-gloss accents by way of furnishings and appliances. Go for open shelving in order to display accessories and colourful appliances and opt for unfussy lighting, such as down-lights and simple pendants that place the emphasis squarely on function. The result? A clean, streamlined look that announces itself as both practical and masculine enough for hubby to approve of.

  2. Open mindOpen Mind

    Open Mind 2 The big appeal of the open-plan kitchen is for the cook to be part of the action when entertaining and, on a day-to-day basis, for the whole family to be together. Successful open-plan spaces are not only those that are cohesive, but where different areas of activity are ‘zoned’ or defined. Zoning will help you move from one activity to another (e.g. sitting down to watch TV without feeling like you’re in the kitchen and need to wash up!) and can be achieved in any number of ways, including considered furniture placement, well-designed lighting and variation of ceiling and floor heights.

  3. Retro diner    Retro Diner  

    Fun and funky colour in suave 70’s shades of mellow mustard or offbeat avocado is back. And, when it comes to add-ons, it’s plastic fantastic all the way as organic-shaped acrylic accessories and linoleum floorcoverings replace natural or industrial style materials. Throw in a lava lamp or llama rug and you’ve the retro look waxed.

  4. Hidden agendathe modern kitchen White kitchenA single kitchen wall unit with integrated storage and appliances is the way to go when space is at a premium and you need a streamlined, minimalist look. Indeed, kitchens are disappearing before our eyes with designers doing their best to make fridges and other appliances appear invisible. Sleek and clean with all clutter concealed, galley kitchens off a main living area benefit from the installation of sliding or louvered panels that essentially tuck the bulk of the heavy-duty work behind closed doors, making it easily accessible when needed and easily concealed from sight when preferred. Multifunctional never looked so good.
  5. Pale and interestingold-style kitchenSubdued colour enters the modern country kitchen by way of a muted palette that combines pale pistachio with bleached wood. A large central island is a must in such a space, its crate-style drawer units a rustic complement to chunky railway-sleeper ceiling beams. Picking out the green of the wall colour, a verdigris chandelier provides illumination, while copper fixtures and fittings and matching utensils add a healthy dose of old-world glamour. However, preventing it from veering towards the old-fashioned or overdone, granite countertops lend high-gloss contemporary edge while subway tiles used as splashbacks bring this kitchen bang up to date.


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