5 things to vow not to say to your daughter that could affect her self image

5 things to vow not to say to your daughter

Children are emotionally sensitive and as they develop and grow, they are prone to adapt the behaviour of their parents. Here are 5 things to vow not to say to your daughter.

5 things to vow not to say to your daughter


Remember these 5 things to vow not to say to your daughter

  1. ‘She’s so lucky to be stick thin. She can probably eat anything she wants and never sets foot in the gym!’ Why would you instill an overwhelming sense of envy while simultaneously differentiating us ‘fatties’ from those ‘skinnies’? In my recent years I’ve discovered just how many ‘skinnies’ run or gym (some of them, in secret), and the rest must really just be ‘lucky’. I’m sure they too have problems of their own, or they’ll do if they eat badly and don’t exercise. And who wants to be stick thin anyway? Haven’t you heard, ‘strong and fit is the new thin’!
  2. ‘No matter how thin we get, we’ll always be big boned.’ There’s nothing as good as feeling your clothes fitting comfortably and being in shape. Eventually I figured out this one’s just an excuse disguised as consolation. Living by this negative approach will probably have you never discovering how wonderful you can really look if you try. Then you need to buy clothes that are in your size, and not the size you hope to be one day! How many of us have more clothes in our cupboard that we hope to wear ‘when we’re thin’?
  3. ‘I really shouldn’t be eating this chocolate, but…’ The guilt and shame of our mothers’ generation! Stop apologising, stop explaining yourself – eat it, enjoy it, then have it again, without guilt – but next week only.
  4. ‘I’ve been so busy, I haven’t got to it yet’. It comes down to prioritising. There’s always time. Stop making excuses, make a list, tackle what you have to, and use your time constructively.
  5. ‘I wish I’d done …….’ Adopt the motto ‘live without regret’. We all know how quickly time passes and so make plans, as far as possible, to live your dreams now. And in general, omit ‘I wish I’d done…’ from your vocabulary!



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